Project Management
7 min read
August 7, 2023

Streamlining Software Development with Notion: A Guide for Developers

Project Management
7 min read
August 7, 2023


Anyone in the industry knows that software development can get very complicated, very quickly. From staying on top of massively complex projects to meeting deadlines, it can easily do your head in.

Fortunately, there is software that can help software developers streamline their project management: Notion.

Notion offers the complete toolkit to help developers meet their deadlines and manage projects effortlessly. Combined with easy-to-use templates, like Nora, Notion gives developers everything they need to stay organized and achieve success.

The 4 Phases Of The Project Management Process

Most software development projects follow a certain path, highlighted below. Notion is able to assist developers every step of the way.

1. Initiation

This is when the goals and needs of a project are created and communicated, setting the scope of the work. A project manager will then determine how viable a project is before going any further.

Using Notion: During this phase, the team leader can start a new workspace on Notion which can be shared with the rest of the team.

2. Planning

In this phase, project leaders connect deliverables with tasks and KPIs. The team will then establish a timeline, milestones, and project tests, all of which need to be created in line with the project's requirements. Team members may also be assigned specific duties during this phase.

Using Notion: Notion allows teams to break projects into tasks and sub-tasks. With the Nora Notion template, you can easily create infinite sub-issues with just one click. These can then be assigned to team members, along with due dates.

3. Execution

The team will perform tasks according to the project timeline. During this phase, project managers have to monitor the progress to ensure the team is being productive. This may involve making adjustments if something doesn't go according to plan. Many project managers use daily meetings to ensure issues are quickly resolved.

Using Notion: Nora's template includes smart "what-to-do" suggestions. This feature recommends which tasks to tackle next, based on energy levels. This helps team members remain focused so that even the "chores" get done in quickly.

4. Review

After the project has been completed, the team gathers to discuss the successes and failures. This knowledge will then be used to improve future projects.

Using Notion: Notion allows project managers to have a bird's eye view of all projects. This means that at a glimpse you can see what has been completed, and by who. Collaboration is also improved as team members can share documents in a central knowledge base and add comments.

Using Notion For Software Development

Software engineers, developers, and project managers can all use Notion in one way or another. Here are some of the most common ways that Notion is used for software development:


Most software engineers know how common bugs are during the software development process. Notion, especially when enhanced by a project management template like Nora, can give you a structured way to deal with issues. With Nora, you can use the infinite sub-issues feature to break down big problems so that they don't appear overwhelming.

And if you are feeling a bit tired and the afternoon slump has hit, don't worry. Nora has smart "what to do" suggestions, which will recommend tasks based on your energy levels.

Different views

Notion has a variety of views, which is a powerful way to manage data. Whether you want to view your projects as a timeline, list, Kanban board or calendar - the choice is yours. It gives you an organized way to view data related to your project.


As a developer, note-taking is something you simply can't avoid. Luckily, Notion is one of the best resources for taking down notes. Nora further improves this feature by helping you manage and categorize your notes. That way, you'll be able to easily find what you're looking for when you need it.

Road mapping

Using Notion for road mapping is extremely common and for good reason. You can seamlessly visualize your project's timeline and key milestones. This means that you and the rest of the team will be able to know exactly where you are and what still needs to be done, significantly improving your project management.

Sprint tracking

Sprint tracking is an important aspect of Agile project management. Nora has a sprint tracking feature that simplifies progress tracking. With it, you can keep your project on track and exceed expectations. You can also see how long each sprint is estimated to take, taking sub-tasks into account.

Technical writing

Notion has a rich text editor that makes it easy to write technically. It works well whether you're a developer looking to write code, create notes, or write a blog post. Plus, Notion's text is everything but boring. You can format your text to your liking thanks to the customization options and templates.

Task management

As a developer, strong task management is at the core of any project. Notion can easily be used to track tasks. But, when you use it with Nora's intelligent task suggestions, task management and prioritization are a breeze.

Database creation

The Notion database feature is incredibly useful. Whether you're creating a database of articles for a reading list or tracking project deliverables, Notion makes it easy. You can link to relevant articles or another page for continuous learning. Nora can help you further organize this database by suggesting things like where a link might be most useful.

Personal dashboard

If you've ever created a complex page with aspects that only you'd understand, then Notion can be of great help. With Notion, you can create a personal dashboard that can be an all-in-one workspace. With Nora's template, you'll be able to make a clean page with everything mapped out systematically.

Tips For Software Project Managers

  • Prioritize tasks - Categorize tasks based on how important they are. Models like the Eisenhower Matrix can help in this regard. This will help you focus on what's truly important.
  • Invest in the right tools - Use project management tools like Nora. With its strong suite of features, Nora can significantly increase productivity and streamline workflows.
  • Use Agile methodologies - This means promoting dynamic planning, delivery ahead of schedule, and continuous improvement. An agile methodology encourages flexibility and responsiveness to change.
  • Practice clear communication - So many projects fail to meet their due dates because of improper communication. Always ensure that teams have a clear understanding of the project and their roles.
  • Encourage continuous learning - The tech industry is forever evolving. Encourage your team to stay on top of these changes and embrace new ideas and technologies.

Final Thoughts

Nora is not just your run-of-the-mill Notion template. It's a game-changer for software development teams of all sizes. With its unrivalled ability to create infinite sub-tasks, Nora can easily take the pain out of hard tasks, making them both manageable and trackable. With its intelligent task suggestions and smooth sprint tracking, you'll get accurate estimations and progress monitoring.

So, if you want to transform your Notion project management and set new industry standards, start using Nora today!


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